[RESOLVED] Oct 7, 2019 US Based VPS Outage

We are currently experiencing a service impacting event for customers on our US based VPS platform. Currently our administrators are investigating the root cause and resolution of the problem.


1:56 PM CT - Our administrators are investigating the root cause for a service impacting event for US based VPS services.

3:16 PM CT - Our administrators are continuing to work with the service provider on a resolution to the  problem. 

4:21 PM CT - The root cause of this issue has been identified as a major failure on our providers routers.  Our provider is working with the router vendors to address the problem which appears to be related to a memory leak.  We are in regular contact with this provider and are taking additional steps to attempt to bypass the problem.

5:42 PM CT - Our provider has made some headway with their vendor. We are seeing some connections return and are working to restore everything.

7:05 PM CT - Our provider has been able to restore most of the services.  We are working to return access to the remaining customers at this time.

7:45 PM CT - All traffic has now been restored and services have been restored to normal functionality.
Our administrator teams are continuing to monitor the connections.
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