[RESOLVED] July 8, 2019 - Outbound Delivery delays on our email platform

We are currently experiencing an issue with increased outbound delivery queues and email delays for outbound email. Our engineers are working on the problem. We will post updates here regularly

Note: Incoming delivery is not affected by this ongoing event and is stable.



July 8, 2019:

5:00 AM CT: Root cause has been identified for the Classic and OnCloud Hosted Exchange Platforms. Our engineers are applying a fix.

5:33 AM CT: Outbound email delivery has been restored for Classic and Oncloud Hosted Exchange Platforms. At this time we are continuing our work on the Classic Basic Email platform.

9:30 AM CT: The root cause has been identified for the outbound mail delivery delays on the Classic Basic Email platform as well. Our engineers are currently working with our Anti-Spam service vendor to remedy the situation and apply permanent resolution

3:13 PM CT: We are currently in the final stages of testing a possible fix that should resolve the current issues, if testing goes well we will be implementing it shortly.  

6:45 PM CT: Our administrators completed their testing and applied a fix which should resolve the current issues with outbound mail. They will continue to monitor the email platform while the queue is drained and until the issue is resolved.

July 9, 2019:

1:22 PM CT: This issue has been resolved, if you are still having issues with outbound email please contact support. 

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