[Announcement] Email infrastructure upgrade


Note: Please follow updates in our Extended Email Service Outage post here


As a continuation of our multi-phased upgrade initiative, we will be executing a planned upgrade to our current email infrastructure. The upgrade will enable us to provide new and exciting email products and features to you in the upcoming months.


This event will impact both Basic and Hosted Exchange email platforms. During the upgrade email service functionality will be affected as follows:

  • Access to individual mailboxes will be disabled. As a result email users may experience connectivity errors in Outlook, Webmail and Mobile email clients.
  • Inbound email will be queued and delivered after upgrade is complete.
  • Mailbox content will continue to be safely stored on our servers during the upgrade.


Start Time: 5:00 PM CT on 6/26/2019, Wednesday
Estimated End Time: 5:00 PM CT on 6/28/2019, Friday



June 26, 2019:

7:00 PM CT: Planned extended maintenance on the email infrastructure upgrade has begun.

June 27, 2019:

5:00 AM CT: Work on the planned extended maintenance continues to progress as intended. 

12:00 PM CT: According to our engineers database upgrades are progressing as planned. We are preparing now to make updates on application nodes now, thank you for your continued patience

9:00 PM CT: Our engineers are reporting the database maintenance has succeeded successfully; we are now in the process of updating the various service nodes. We will keep you updated, thank you for your patience.

June 28, 2019:

4:00 AM CT: The service nodes updates are progressing as expected. Thank you for your understanding and patience on the matter.

5:00 PM CT: Our administrators advised that we are still in the process of recovering some nodes now.

8:00 PM CT: Our engineers have encountered a series of unforeseen errors with node recovery we are working on resolving those now.

June 29, 2019:

1:00 AM CT: Our administrators continue working on the service nodes recovery. Thank you for your patience .

7:00 AM CT: Our engineers reported significant progress on nodes recovery. We continue working towards a resolution.

8:00 AM CT: Our administrators continue working on a resolution. More details regarding our progress and detailed explanation of the issue could be found in "Extended Email Service Outage" article. We appreciate your patience and understanding on the matter.

12:30 AM CT: Our administrators have advised that Exchange is starting to come back online but will be slow to access at the start.


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