[RESOLVED] April 1, 2019 - Email hosting - XMail and Exchange outgoing delays


We are currently experiencing delays sending messages via webmail and email clients. We are actively working on a resolution.

Affected platforms:

  • Classic XMail
  • Classic Hosted Exchange
  • OnCloud Hosted Exchange



03:40 PM CT 04/01/2019: We are currently investigating a service impacting event with our email platforms.

03:43 PM CT 04/01/2019: Our engineers are investigating the root cause of the event.

05:18 PM CT 04/01/2019: Our engineers have implemented a fix in order to resolve the issue, however, there is still a large queue of mail built up. There may still be some delay while the queue returns to normal levels.

08:15 AM CT 04/02/2019: Our monitoring systems detected delays in outbound mail flow. Our engineers are investigating.

09:55 AM CT 04/02/2019: Our engineering team has restored the mail flow and the server queues are gradually being drained. We continue to monitor the systems.

09:40 AM CT 04/03/2019: Monitoring detected large queue of mail building up. Our engineers are investigating.

02:30 PM CT 04/03/2019: Our administrators were able to implement a fix to bring the queue of mail back down to normal levels. We will continue to monitor the systems.


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