[Announcement] Free Mail2Web / Hosted Exchange 2007 End-of-Life FAQ

What subscriptions/service plans will be affected?
Only the 'mail2web.com Basic Email' service will be affected. All other mail2web.com / myhosting.com subscriptions will remain active as per the terms specific to your current subscription(s). mail2web.com Basic Email subscriptions are currently free of charge and utilize the mail2web.com domain.


Why is my mail2web.com Basic Email mailbox about to be terminated?
Microsoft no longer supports Microsoft Exchange 2007, the software version the free mail2web Basic Email service uses. As such, we are following Microsoft’s end-of-life schedule as your email security can no longer be protected.


Can I choose to keep my account active?
No, this is a required email hosting end-of-life program.


Can you provide me with assistance in order to migrate my mailbox data to another mailbox?
No, unfortunately, as it is question of free email accounts, we will not be able to provide any kind of assistance to migration.


I need a new email address and mailbox, where can I get one?
We encourage you to learn more about our parent company Hostway's Hosted Exchange mailboxes, powered by Microsoft Exchange 2016. Hostway’s email plans are currently on sale for USD $8.49 per month. They include the latest version of Microsoft Exchange, core Exchange capabilities in a simple, comprehensive package, and Hostway’s world-class customer service and 24/7/365 support.


How can I export my data before the account is terminated?
The easiest way to export your mailbox data to a Personal Folders file (.pst) by using the Import and Export Wizard in Outlook 2003/2007 is to follow the steps described here.


Will I be able to access any of my mailbox data past the account termination date?
No, after the mailbox termination date communicated to you by email it won't be possible to access any of the data as the account will be terminated and all of the associated data will deleted. This is why we strongly recommend that Basic Email service users retrieve and/or delete any data stored inside the mail2web.com service prior to this date.

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