[Classic] Exchange Subdomain - Existing Myhosting Customer

Exchange Subdomain - Existing Myhosting Customer


Hosted Exchange On A Subdomain

This guide will give you an overview on how to run exchange as a sub-domain giving you more control over your email hosting solutions. Most users opt for this type of setup so they can segregate their domain exchange users from their typical POP3/IMAP users. All the information in this guide assume you are using a Myhosting.com web hosting package and our Exchange Hosting solution


Hosting Plan Sign Up

First you will want to have an already established hosting plan from Myhosting.com. Any of the plans will work from email hosting to Professional hosting. Each has POP3/IMAP accounts which are managed through the Email Administration section of the customer control panel. You will want to then create your Exchange Hosting on a sub-domain e.g. exchange.yourdomainname.com which can be signed up through the alternative signup site.



Setting Up The POP3/IMAP

Now that we have the hosting accounts activated and setup we can now configure the email accounts. Each account we plan on having on the exchange email will also need to have a mailbox on the main domain POP3/IMAP email system. For our example we'll use test and the mailbox we will be creating.


Once you have created the account you will have to setup the forwarding to the exchange mailbox we plan on creating
test@exchange.yourdomainname.com . You can retain a copy of the original message on the POP3/IMAP account as well by putting '.,' before the desired exchange mailbox.



Setting Up Exchange

Now we can create the Professional Exchange mailbox and set it up to reply with the test@yourdomainname.com address so recipients are unaware that your Exchange hosting is on a sub-domain. After creating the mailbox you can go into that mailbox's settings by clicking on the 'GO' option.


We can now add our POP3/IMAP account that we previously created as an 'Alternative' email address. Once added we can now select it as our 'Primary From' address.



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