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Alternate Email Address


Sending and Receiving Email from Other Accounts in Hosted Exchange Email

You can use the myhosting.com Alternate Email Address, Set Primary From Address, and Email Aggregator features so that you can receive all your email and send all your email from your existing non-Exchange mailbox.

  1. First, sign up for a Hosted Exchange Email Professional account.
  2. Once your account is active, you can then set up a Alternate Email Address, using your existing, non-Exchange email address.
  3. Next, you can forward all your email from your existing email address to your new Exchange mailbox, either via Email Forwarding from your email provider's options, or by using our Email Aggregator feature. (This will work only with email providers who allow you to forward your email, or providers who offer POP3/IMAP4 access to their mailboxes.)
  4. Finally, you can change set the Primary From Address for your exchange account to the Alternate Email Address you created in step 2.

As a result, all your incoming mail to your non-Exchange email address will be forwarded to your Professional account, and whenever you send email from your Professional account, it will appear to have come from your non-Exchange email address. This powerful set of features allows you to add Exchange features without having to change your email address, ensuring that all your existing contacts will still be able to reach you.


Alternate Email Address

Although technically different, the Alternate Email Address bears some similarity to an Email Alias. This feature is available to Hosted Exchange Email users with a maximum of 5 Alternate Email Addresses per user.

Professional users can create an Alternate Email Address on their existing domain, such that user2@exchange-domain.com is an email alias for user1@exchange.domain.

Professional users can add third-party or non-Exchange email accounts as an Alternate Email Address for their exchange account. For example, you could add yourname@your-isp.com as an Alternate Email Address for your account. As a result, any other user on our exchange servers sending email to that address would have their email routed to your exchange mailbox. Also, Hosted Exchange Email users viewing your Global Address List entry will see all your Alternate Email Addresses listed under the Email Addresses tab. We recommend combining this with either Email Forwarding (from your email provider's options) or our Email Aggregator feature, so that all email sent to your Alternate Email Address will arrive at your Exchange Mailbox.


Primary From Address vs. Log in Address

You can use the Set Primary FROM Address feature to change the FROM address on your Exchange account. However, you should continue to log in to your account using your Hosted Exchange Email address - this is the email address which appears in your control panel under Manage Accounts. You should continue to log in to Outlook, the OWA or OMA or by POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP using your original Hosted Exchange Email address.


FROM Address change - Impact on SPAM Rating

If you change the Primary FROM Address for your Exchange account to a 3rd-party or non-Exchange email address, it is possible that this may increase the likelihood of your email being flagged as SPAM at the receiving mail server. This is because the email address in the FROM address does not actually exist on the source mail server (our Exchange server). If you are encountering such problems, we recommend resetting your Primary FROM Address back to your original Hosted Exchange Email Address.


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