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Spam Handling

Our email service comes with 4 options for handling SPAM email. You can configure your Anti-SPAM setting by logging into your Email Administration page with your admin email account, and then click on Anti-SPAM.

The 4 available options are:

  • Add #SPAM# to the subject line of any message suspected to be SPAM and apply client-side rules on how to handle the message.
  • Add @#@# to the subject line as the marker for any message suspected to be SPAM and apply client-side rules on how to handle messages marked this way.
  • Don't modify the subject line, I will set client-side rules based on the email header ratings.
  • Create a sub-folder called "spam" and move all messages suspected to be SPAM to this folder. NOTE: email in this folder will be automatically deleted after 7 days based on the time of delivery.

The first 3 options will allow SPAM messages to arrive in your inbox. Then you can create client-side rules to filter SPAM into your Junk email folder or Deleted Items folder. With the 4th option, any email identified as SPAM will be moved out of your mailbox and into a sub-mailbox named SPAM. To access this mailbox you can log in to username-spam@your_domain.com with the same password as your main mailbox.


Getting rid of SPAM

The email management site for your account will allow you to create some message rules that you can use to block senders, filter incoming mail, or combat the SPAM you've been receiving.

  1. Go to http://emailadmin.myhosting.com and use the following login information to access the site.
  • Email Address: admin@yourdomain.com
  • Password: ********
  1. Under the MAIL HOST PROPERTIES section Click - INBOUND RULES.
  2. Click - ADD A RULE button.
  3. You can now block specific addresses, or emails with specific text in the subject line, body, or header.
  4. Click - SET ACTION.
  5. Select the "Delete The Message" option and Click - SAVE ACTION.
  6. Click - SAVE RULE.

Another way to block spam is to install a spam detection software package on your computer. One useful program, called Spam Fighter, becomes part of Microsoft Outlook and has been known to be a good Spam gatherer.

Below are some anti-spam sites that you can visit to get more information on how you can block spam from getting to your mailbox:


Bounce Rules

We do not allow the creation of "bounce" rules as they cause undue stress on the email system and are proven to be ineffective in discouraging unwanted SPAM or otherwise unwanted emails, as these emails usually have a return address that can not be resolved. We instead recommend that you use the delete rule for these types of purposes.


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