[Classic] Mailing Lists

Definition of a Mailing List

A mailing list is a list of email addresses that are stored on your mail server that you can access through a single email address. This allows you to send an email to a single email address and have it distributed to all the email in that mailing list. This is useful for sending out a newsletter or announcement. The mailing list is set up and managed from the Email Management Page at http://emailadmin.yourdomain.com/ replacing "yourdomain.com" with your own domain name. The mailing lists have an initial limit of 30 users per list but additional users can be added for a $2.00 setup fee and $4.00 monthly fee per user. You can also add additional mailing lists, if you need them, for a setup fee of $20.00 and a monthly fee of $40.00.

NOTE: Most hosting plans include a certain amount of free mailing lists. Please refer to the features of your particular hosting plan to see how many are included.


Subscribe or Unsubscribe

You can configure your mailing list from your email administration page at http://emailadmin.myhosting.com.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to a mailing list, you need to send a request to the mailing list:

Subscribe: Send an email to listname-subscribe@your_domain.com
Subject: Subscribe me.

Unsubscribe: Send an email to listname-unsubscribe@your_domain.com
Subject: Unsubscribe me.

When you send a message to listname-subscribe@your_domain.com you'll received a confirmation message. Reply to that message and you'll be immediately added to the mailing list. Once you've been added to the list you'll be sent a WELCOME message.

When you send a message to listname-unsubscribe@your_domain.com to unsubscribe from the list you'll be sent a confirmation email. After replying to that message your email address will be removed from the list and you'll be sent a GOOD BYE message.


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