[Classic] Modifying DNS Records

How To Modify

Through the myhosting.com Control Panel you can make changes to your DNS record, including NS, MX, A and CNAME record modifications. This feature is supported with all hosting plans with the exception of Domain Parking and Domain/Email Forwarding.


Reasons for Modifying a DNS Record

The reasons for modifying your DNS record may vary. For example, you may host your site at myhosting.com but want to host your email elsewhere. This is a scenario in which you may need to modify your MX Record or Mail Exchange Record. Other examples may include adding an A Record or CNAME Record which point to another server, or even delegating a sub-domain to a different hosting server via a NS Record.

In general we recommend that DNS Management be used by Intermediate or Advanced users. If you are not sure what you are doing, we recommend contacting our Customer Support department for assistance.


Reset DNS Record

We highly recommend that you not make any changes to your DNS record unless you know exactly what changes are required. However, it's possible that some changes in your DNS record may cause your hosting account or email service to stop functioning properly. If this happens, you can use the "Reset DNS Record" button at the bottom of the DNS Management page to reset your DNS record to the default for your hosting plan.

Normally any changes in your DNS record will take 5 minutes to be updated on the server, and at least 1 hour before the TTL expires and external name servers pick up your changes.


Protected Entries

In some cases, there are DNS entries which are protected and that we do not allow users to edit or delete. In these cases, either the "Edit" and "Delete" icons will be missing, or you'll notice a "Cannot edit a protected record" error.

For myhosting.com customers, this refers to the NS Records that are used to direct queries to your domain name to our name servers. The result of changing these records would be similar to the Domain / Email Forwarding plan. If you wish to use such a redirection, we suggest that you downgrade your account instead.

For customers of mail2web.com Business Exchange, this refers to any MX Records or A Records corresponding to the Business Exchange service. Changing any of these entries may result in your Business Exchange service to stop functioning correctly, and therefore these changes are not allowed.


Delay Between Change and Update

Any changes to you make to your DNS Record will be updated on our DNS Servers within approximately 5 minutes. The default Minimum TTL for all accounts is 3600 seconds, or 60 minutes. Therefore you can expect your change to be reflected on external DNS servers within 65 minutes of making the changes.

Please Note: We cannot control when external DNS servers refresh their cache and cannot force an external DNS server to update if it has not done so within the 65 minute time frame.


The @ Symbol in the DNS Record

The @ symbol in your DNS record refers to the record for your domain name without any www or sub-domain name.

For example, the A Record which appears like:

@        168.144.#.#

The result of this record is that visitors can connect to your domain name at http://your-domain.com.

You may also notice the @ symbol in the CNAME section:

ftp        @

www        @

This will create aliases to the @ A Record, which will point www.your-domain.com and ftp.your-domain.com to the same IP address.

The @ symbol may also be used in an MX record. For example:

@        mail        1

This indicates that the primary MX record for the email sent to @your-domain.com points to the A-record called "mail".


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