[Server 2008] SSL Certificate - VPS

  1. Log into your myhosting.com control panel at https://manage.myhosting.com.
  2. Select your VPS subscription from the subscription drop down menu.
  • Image:Vps_ssl_subselect.jpg
  1. Then click on the VPS Management tab.
  • Image:Vps_ssl_1.jpg
  1. Next, click on Plesk Login to log into your Plesk Panel via the IP address (https://x.x.x.x:8443).
  • Image:Vps_ssl_3.jpg
  1. You will then be auto-logged into the Plesk Panel. From here click on the Tools&Settings link under the main menu.
  2. Under the Tools&Settings page, you will need to click on SSL Certificates.
  3. You will then need to create your SSL Certificate by clicking on the icon for Add SSL Certificate.
  • Image:Vps_ssl_6.jpg
  1. Complete the form and then press the Request button.
  • Image:Vps_ssl_7.jpg
  1. Once you press the Request button the CSR will be generated. You will then need to click on the link for the certificate you just created (ex: Cabinet Refacing To Go  SSL).
  • Image:Vps_ssl_8.jpg
  1. Scroll down the page to the CSR section. The information in the CSR section is what you need to provide to your SSL registration provider.
  • Image:Vps_ssl_9.jpg
  1. Your SSL registration provider will then give you the certificate. You will then need to come back into the SSL certificate that you created in the Plesk Panel and either upload the file they provide you or past in the information. If you are uploading a file select it from a location on your PC by using the “Browse” button and then press the “Send File” button. If you are copying and pasting the text you will need to press the “Send Text” button when you’ve finished pasting in the info.
  • Image:Vps_ssl_10.jpg


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