[Server 2008] Securing from Bruteforce attacks using IP Ban

What Is IP Ban?

IP Ban is a 3rd party application that has been developed in C# this application will work in a similar fashion to fail2ban (linux) in that it will ban IP addresses that fail to access RDP and MSSQL after a set threshold of attempts



 sc create IPBAN start= auto binPath= "C:\Windows\IPBan\ipban.exe" DisplayName= "IPBAN"

  • Start the service

 sc start IPBAN


Removing Bans

  • Go into Windows firewall rules (Start Menu -> Administrative Tools -> Windows Firewall with Advanced Security)
  • Expand Inbound Rules
  • Right-click rule "BlockIPAddresses" and click Properties.
  • Click on the Scope tab and you can view/remove all blocked IPs


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