[CentOS] SQL Bench

What is SQL Bench?

  • This benchmark suite is meant to tell any user what operations a given SQL implementation performs well or poorly.


Install on CentOS

yum install mysql-bench.x86_64

yum install perl-DBD-MySQL.x86_64


How to Use SQL-Bench?

  • You will need to navigate to the SQL Bench script folder

cd /usr/share/sql-bench

  • once you have navigated to the location list the directory to see the scripts.


  • you should see the following

bench-count-distinct  copy-db                innotest1   innotest2a  README            test-ATIS        test-insert

bench-init.pl         crash-me               innotest1a  innotest2b  run-all-tests     test-big-tables  test-select

Comments              Data                   innotest1b  limits      server-cfg        test-connect     test-transactions

compare-results       graph-compare-results  innotest2   output      test-alter-table  test-create      test-wisconsin


How To Run a Test

  • Once within the scripts folder /usr/share/sql-bench you will need to execute the script these are PERL scripts to execute them as follows.

perl run-all-tests


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