[RV Skin Blue] Creating an Add-on Domain (RV Skin Blue)

How to create an add-on domain in cPanel for VPS (RV Skin Blue)

Click here for a video tutorial 

How to create an add-on domain in cPanel.

This demo assumes you've already logged in to cPanel.

Now let's use the Addon Domain feature to add another domain name to this account.

1) Click Addon Domains. 


There are currently no add-on domains listed. Let's create one.

2) Enter the new domain name here. 


3) Enter the directory name in your main account where this new domain will be pointing. 


4) Click Generate Password. 


5) Click Use Password. 


6) Make a note of the password and click Close. 


7) Click Add Domain. 


That's it! The new add-on domain demo12345.com has been created, and its website files should be uploaded to the demo1234.com/demo12345 directory.

8) A new FTP account has also been created for this add-on domain. Let's go and take a look. 

9) Click Home. 


10) Scroll down. 

11) Click FTP accounts. 


12) Scroll down. 

There it is! The new FTP account that was automatically created for the new add-on domain, demo12345.com.


13) Click Home. 


14) Scroll down. 

15) Click Addon Domains. 


16) Scroll down. 

Removing add-on domains from your account is very easy. Let's remove this add-on domain from the account.

17) Click Remove. 


18) Then click Yes. 


The add-on domain has been removed, as well as the FTP account that was set up for it.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to set up add-on domains in your account.


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