[RV Skin Blue] Creating a Default Email Account (RV Skin Blue)

How to create a default (catch-all) email account in cPanel for your VPS (RV Skin Blue)

Click here for a video tutorial 

How to create a default (catch-all) email account in cPanel.

This demo assumes you've already logged in to cPanel.

Now let's set our Default (or catchall) email address.

1) Click Default E-mail account. 


2) Scroll down. 

This is where you set your default email address. All email sent to an address you have not defined will go to the email address you enter here.

Initially, your default POP address is set as your catch-all account (i.e. abc123c@abc123.com).

We are going to change this, as most people don't use their default POP accounts.

3) Enter the email address you want as your default address in the "Forward to email address" box. 


4) Then click Change. 


Your default email address has now been set.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to set your default (catchall) email account so that all unrouted email will be sent to a specific email address.


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