[RV Skin Blue] Migrating to cPanel

For customers looking to migrate their current non-cPanel platform to our cPanel platform, you can request a free migration from the cPanel team of skilled technicians. You can see all the details by visiting http://www.cpanel.net/migrations-to-cpanel.html. Below are the details to qualify for free cPanel migration.

  • Migration is free with an active cPanel license
  • New Installation of cPanel without existing accounts.
  • A valid cPanel license. Can be purchased by visiting http://myhosting.com/cpanel-vps/ 
  • Root access to the server from which you are transferring the accounts (i.e., the remote server).
  • Your cPanel server must be running the latest CURRENT release of cPanel and WHM.
  • The MySQL version on your remote server should be at least 4.1.
  • The Perl version on your remote server should be at least 5.6.2.


Supported Platforms:

  • DirectAdmin
  • Ensim / Parallels Pro
  • Plesk

To start the process please visit http://www.cpanel.net/migrations-to-cpanel.html 


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