[Default Themed] Introduction to Using Fantastico (Unskinned)

An introduction to using Fantastico in cPanel for VPS (Unskinned)

Click here for a video tutorial 

An introduction to using Fantastico.

This demo assumes you've already logged in to cPanel.

Now let's go ahead and learn about Fantastico and how to use it.

1) Scroll down. 

2) Click the Fantastico icon. 


This is the Fantastico main page.


Fantastico is an add-on to cPanel that lets you install dozens of database-driven programs with just a few clicks.

The programs available for installation in Fantastico are listed on the left side of the page.

3) Let's scroll down to see more. 


4) That's quite a long list of programs! Now let's return to the top of the page. 

Keep in mind that you need one MySQL database for each of these programs you choose to install. Since most hosting accounts are limited in the number of MySQL databases that can be used, be sure to only install the programs you need, and to uninstall any programs you no longer need.

5) Now let's go ahead and install one of these programs. 

6) Click b2evolution. 


Each program has its own home page, like this one for b2evolution.


7) Scroll down. 

Let's go ahead and install b2evolution in this account.

8) Click the New Installation link. 


9) Enter a directory name where the program is to be installed. 


10) Scroll down. 

11) Enter an admin user name in the box and an admin password in the password box. 


12) Enter a nickname to be used in b2evolution. 


13) Then click the Install b2evolution button. 


A summary of your installation is displayed.\


14) When ready, click Finish Installation. 


That's it! B2evolution has been installed in the server, in this cPanel hosting account at the location shown on the screen.

You can have this installation information emailed to you by using the feature that reads "Email the details of this installation to:"


15) Click the Fantastico home link. 


This is the end of the tutorial. You can return to Fantastico as many times as you want to install more programs, or remove existing installations. Remember that you need one free MySQL database connection with every program installation.


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