[OnCloud] Website Restore

Managing Website Restore

Once you have purchased Website Restore Support, you can manage your restore points at any time from your control panel.


Creating a Restore Point

  1. Log into your myhosting.com onCloud Control Panel 
  2. If you have more than one Hosting Subscription, select the one that you have purchased Website Restore with.
  3. On the Hosting home page, or in the left-navigation menu, click on Website Restore 
  4. Simply click on Add New Restore Point to begin.
  5. All available webspaces and databases will be displayed, and you can pick and choose which ones you want to include. Simply click Finish to create your restore point.


Restoring from a Restore Point

To restore an entire Restore Point, simply check mark the restore point and click Restore. If you want to restore a single webspace or database contained within the restore point, you can click on the Restore Point Name, then select the Content tab, and select the individual item(s) you want to restore.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Website Restore does not support restoration of single files or database tables. If you are unsure of the effect that a restore point may have, you may wish to create a new Restore Point before restoring an old one. Refer to the section on How to Individual Missing Files.


How to Restore Individual Files

If you want to restore individual file(s) in your webspace that were accidentally deleted without affecting other files, you can follow this procedure.

1. Create a new restore point of your webspace. 2. Restore the old restore point that contains the missing file(s). 3. Restore the new restore point created in step #1, thus replacing existing files in their latest condition.


Website Restore Limitations

  • If you are restoring a Linux Shared Hosting account, please note that files from any web applications installed using the Application Vault will not be restored.
  • When databases are restored, the entire contents of the DB is overwritten with what is in the restore point. If a new table or field doesn’t exist in an old restore point, it will be overwritten/removed. There is no granularity to restore individual items.
  • When webspaces are restored, all files within the restore point will be restored to the webspace. There is no granularity to restore individual items. However, if new files exist in the webspace that don’t exist in the restore point, they will remain as-is and won’t be affected. There is no granularity to restore individual items.
  • Restore points cannot be created for SharePoint websites or Email/Exchange mailboxes.


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