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Activating Your Service

Once you have purchased HackerWise Reputation Monitoring or HackerWise Health Scanning, you will need to activate it in your control panel before the scanning begins.

  1. Log into your myhosting.com onCloud Control Panel 
  2. If you have more than one Hosting Subscription, select the one that you have purchased HackerWise with.
  3. On the Hosting home page, or in the left-navigation menu, click on HackerWise 
  4. Your HackerWise status will be listed as Not Activated. Click on Create to proceed.
  5. In the fields provided...
  1. Installation Domain: If you have more than one domain name, select the one you want your mobile site to be hosted on.
  2. Sub-Domain: This is the sub-domain your mobile site will be created on. For example, m.installation-domain.com. If you have purchased a seperate domain for your mobile site, like installation-domain.mobi, then you can leave this field blank.
  3. Source Site: If you want goMobi to automatically parse your site and pre-fill it with some content, enter the URL (excluding the http:// part) into this field.
  4. Click Next >>, then review and confirm the details. Please note that the Installation Domain and Sub-domain cannot be changed later, so make sure you are happy with your selection before clicking on Finish.
  5. It will take a few minutes for your service to Provision, afterwards you can view your site or use the goMobi Setup Assistant to add or edit your mobile website.


DNS Settings

If your domain name is registered and hosted by myhosting.com, the DNS Entries for your Mobile Website will be added manually into DNS. However, if you manage your DNS yourself or your domain is managed externally, you may need to insert the DNS record manually.

To do this, simply create a CNAME record for sub-domain.installation-domain.com which points: lb.gomobi.info. 

Please note that the trailing dot is required in your CNAME record.



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