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Most users with an iPhone device are aware of the synchronization abilities with ActiveSync and its features.  We offer fully functional ActiveSync exchange accounts.  All that is required is to add the service to a user, and then configure the device with the generated password. This can easily be done with just the Control Panel and your device.

Check mail template

Please note that if you have the Basic email plan type you will not be able to configure your iPhone device using ActiveSync.

To check this, log in to your Control Panel at http://manage.myhosting.com and select your subscription from the drop-down list on the upper right.



Once you have done that, click the black Exchange Email tab up top.

There, you will see a list of your addresses. To check if your address is iPhone ready, click the Display Name link for the address you want to check.



Now go to the General section and check which Mailbox Template you have for that address. In the above case I have a Basic Email address which is not able to be configured to the iPhone device using ActiveSync.

First, let’s increase the resource to allow me to upgrade this account up top.


There, click on the Buy Additional Resources icon.


This will take you to a list of your subscriptions where you will need to select the subscription you want to change the template on. Note that this will be the subscription that has the email address that you wish to use with your iPhone.  Select the subscription, and click on Next at the bottom of the page.


Now go to Exchange and Email Add-Ons to find the Mobile Email, or Mobile Email + Outlook. You will need to increment the unit number to one or the number you need.


Now click the Next button at the bottom of the page to go to the invoice section.  Check the invoice to see the charges that will be applied, and click the Place Order button to add the service.

You will receive an email at your admin address to confirm the order placement.

Now let’s go back to the black Exchange Email tab, and select the address you want to setup iPhone on.

Scroll to the bottom of that page, and click the Edit button.  Use the Mailbox template drop-down list to adjust the template type for your address.


When this is completed, you will notice that you will now have ActiveSync available under your Mailbox Access section when you select your email address.


Simply click on View Setup Info in order to view your device settings.

Below are some details as to how to configure the device itself. However, please use the settings provided in your Control Panel for the most accurate information.

Configure the Device

1. If you haven't set up any mail accounts yet, from the main menu, select Mail. Then select Microsoft Exchange.


2. You will be prompted to fill in your Email Address, Username, Password and Description. You can fill in the Email field and Username field with your full email address, the Password field with your account password, and any description you like. Also, depending on your firmware version you may also see a Domain field, which you can leave blank. Once you have completed filling in the fields, click Next to proceed.



3. Your device will attempt to connect to the server, but will then prompt you to fill in the server name, which you should enter as ex.myhosting.com


Alternately, you may wish to use the iPhone configuration script that is available from your View iPhone Settings page either in your Control Panel or OWA

4. Click Next to complete the setup. You can now select if you want to synchronize your Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Select the options you want and click Save.



Activations should take a few minutes; simply wait for the activation complete message from the device, and you will be fully synchronize with the exchange server.  Note that you may be required to register additional folders on the device if you want folders other than your Inbox to synchronize with the device.



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