[onCloud] Configure Admin Users


At times, you may need someone to manage your account on your behalf.  You may have an administrator, or an office attendant that will be given some administrative tasks. You can create specific users for them, and provide them access to specific subscriptions or actions that they can perform.  This guide will take you through this process.


Create the user

First log in to your Control Panel at http://manage.myhosting.com and select your subscription from the drop down list on the upper right.




Now click on the Account tab up top; there, you will see the Admin button.


Click this button to either create or manage your existing admin users.  You will see a list of them if they exist or you will simply see your default user. Click the Add New Admin button up top to start the process.

You will be presented with user information to fill out.  The first Configure Login section contains all mandatory fields; the second section called Contact Information has asterisks next to the fields that are mandatory.

Next, you will be asked to choose the role of the user. Put the check in Full Access, and click on Finish

Now you should see your user listed in the Admins list; simply click on the name of the user.


There click on the Manage Advanced Settings button under the User Info


You will be presented with the tabs below:


If you want to control the type of user the person is, click the Hosting Roles tab and click Add Role. You can add an Account Manager role (billing access), or Exchange Management (user can manage mail accounts).  If you want to restrict the subscriptions that the user will have access to, you can do so on the Manage Subscription tab.

Click the Restrict Access button on that page. To see a list of all your subscriptions, simply put a check to the left of the subscription you would like the user to manage.  Once done, the user will be able to manage the subscriptions based on the role that you have specified.



With delegation, you can assign roles to various users and allow them just enough access to manage your subscriptions or manage your account without the need to add services and so on, or change plan types.




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