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In order to manage the messages you will receive over time, it is recommended to create rules to help you manage them. The most common rules are moving messages to certain folders, or deleting unwanted messages from senders.  This comes in handy with users with high mail volume or automated messages that may not require your attention.  There are two types of rules, server-side rules, and client-side rules.  Server rules are rules that have been created on the mail server, and are processed as received. Client side rules are only executed when the message has been downloaded from the mail server to your mail client (e.g., Outlook). Now let’s take a look at creating both types.


Server-Side Rule

If you want to create server-side rules you will need to do this through the OWA (Outlook Web Access) on a non-exchange account. If you have a full exchange account you can create these rules in Outlook which will then be propagated to the server.


First, let’s log into your OWA using your email address and password. Please go to https://ex.myhosting.com and enter your email address and password for access. (Please ensure you do this on Internet Explorer)


Once you have logged in, you will see your inbox as well as your folders and other content.  On the upper right you will see the Options button on the upper right area of the page as shown below.


On the left menu tree you will see a list of options. Simply click on the Rules link on the right; when you do, you will see a list of your rules if you have any created.

Now you simply need to click on the New Rule button on the right panel.  The mail rule types will be listed as shown below.




The key here is that if you want a rule to process existing mail then choose one of the top four, or if you want to create rules to process new mail that will arrive then choose the last option.


Next you will see a wizard which will help you create any type of rule. Read the types carefully on the right and choose accordingly.


Client-Side Rule (Exchange)

Since there are many client mail applications available, we will only demonstrate how to complete this task with this most commonly used application: Outlook.

First click on the File tab up top in Outlook to show the main options of the application. At the bottom you will see Rules and Alerts.

Click that button to start the rule wizard.  The next page will allow you to create rules, and manage existing rules.  Simply click the new button on the upper left of the new window to start the wizard.


There, you will find a large list of criteria that you can use to manage your mail.  You can use the web for more information on what each of them does, however for the most part they are self-explanatory.



Now you know how to create server-side, and client-side rules.  Please remember the difference between them, as well as between a domain-level rule, and a user rule.  



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