[WHM] Initial Server Setup Guide



The WHM basic setup guide is designed to configure ownership information, as well as basic DNS information for the WHM/cPanel package. Once the setup is completed, the server will essentially be branded, as well as provided a hostname.


Access WHM

 Please follow the steps below in order to access WHM.

  1. Provide the link IPADDRESS:2086 in your browser.
  2. It will prompt a login screen.
  3. Login as the root user using the information located in your control panel at http://manage.myhosting.com.
  4. Click the Login button.



  1. Go to Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup.





This section allows you to configure basic options for cPanel and WHM. You can specify contact information, nameservers, and more.

The screen contains a number of fields, some of which are optional and some of which, marked by an asterisk (*), are required.

This screen also contains tabs you may use to isolate certain configuration options. To select a tab, simply click the tab corresponding to the information you wish to view at the top of the screen. You may select:


Contact Information


Fill in the fields as per your requirements. You can get a brief idea about each field from WHM itself. There is no need to fill in all fields if they are not required for your purposes.




Basic Configuration


Fill in the fields as per your requirements. All these settings are system-related. The values are already configured during installation. You do not need to change these values on your end unless you decide to customize these settings.





This section of the interface allows you to specify nameservers associated with your server. To use this feature, simply enter the nameservers you wish to use as your primary, secondary, tertiary nameservers, and so on.



You can also use the Assign IP address and Add an A entry for this nameserver buttons in order to assign IP address for the corresponding nameserver.


Assign an IP Address


Assign IP addresses are automatically assigned to your nameservers. The IP address your nameserver will use is pulled from your existing IP address pool. If you do not have any IP addresses available, your nameserver will not receive an IP address.


Add an A Entry


A entries, in this case, allow your nameserver to be resolved to an IP address. A records are required for your nameservers to work properly. To add an A record for a nameserver, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Add an A entry for this nameserver button.
  2. A pop-up window will appear.
  3. Confirm that the IP address is correct in the resulting pop-up window if available, or you can manually enter in your IP address.
  4. Click the Add Entry button and wait for the confirmation screen.






You have now completed the basic WHM setup. By doing this setup, you do not need to configure your nameservers for each domain you are creating, or adjust other WHM settings like the configuration of your shared IP address. You have also branded the server with your personal information, as well as provided a host name for the machine. If you encountered any issues with this guide, please also note that there is additional information available in our Wiki database at http://myhosting.com/kb. Finally, we encourage you to contact our technical support team by email at vps@myhosting.com, or calling us at 1-866-289-5091 with any questions or concerns.


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