[onCloud] OWA Attachments


This guide is designed to show you how to add attachments to your messages and ensure they are delivered. Like everything else with the Outlook Web Access (OWA), it is very easy and very straight forward.



First, log in to your OWA at http://ex.myhosting.com and it will take you to your Inbox.

On the right pane, you will see some buttons at the top as displayed below.

Simply click the New button there in order to bring up the New Message window.  

As you can see you will find the typical required fields, such as Target Address for this email, as well as Subject, and Content.  In addition to that is the paper clip icon which allows you to add attachments. Click this icon on the new message window:

The attachment window is very straight-forward, and should be used as such: simply click the Browse button to open up your File Explorer.  Locate the file you want to send, and click OK on that window, then click Attach on the attachment window. If you want to add more attachments, click on the Choose More Files link below the Browse button to add another.  You can attach a maximum of three files at once; if you need to add more than three, repeat the process after clicking Attach on your first three.


When you add the attachment you will see it listed in the New Message window. This is how you can confirm that the file will be sent along with the message. If you do not see your attachment listed there, it will not be sent.





Now that you can send attachments, you should be able to do all the basic functions that you may need to do with an email service with us.  For advanced features please see our Knowledge Base.


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