[onCloud] Transfer Your Site Seamlessly

Sign up for hosting, at https://myhosting.com/signup/. Follow the steps until it tells you that your application has been accepted.

Once the fees are processed your account activation will begin. A few hours later the account details will be sent to you, and you can begin to upload your website to the server. Since your domain is still pointing towards the old website you will need to connect to your new website with its IP address. This IP address will be included in the email that gets sent when your account has been activated.

Once your site on myhosting's servers is ready (and mailboxes set up) you can transfer the domain registration name servers from the old host to myhosting.com. You will need to contact your Registrar for instructions on how to do this. Do not cancel your old account until the transfer is completed. You will need to continue to check the email from your old hosting account for a few days during and after the domain transfer to retrieve any email that were inadvertently sent to the old mail server. Once this has stopped, you can cancel your old hosting account.

Do the following once the account is active:


Setting Up Email Accounts

You can setup your email accounts from within your customer control panel.

  1. Login at https://manage.myhosting.com 
  2. Click on Exchange Email 
  3. Click on Mailboxes 
  4. Click on Add New Mailbox 


Uploading using FTP

A very good FTP application is FileZilla. You can connect to your account using your IP address as the hostname, your username and your password. The FTP application will then connect to our servers and allow you to upload/download your files. You may need to download your files from your old host first.


Change Name Servers

Once your mailboxes and site have been fully set up, you can then transfer your domain name by updating the name servers to our name servers.


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