[cPanel] DNS configuration Guide


DNS can be a complicated system and setting up your own nameservers can seem intimidating. This guide will skip past the technical details of how DNS works and provide you with the essential information you need to set up your nameservers in a single-server cPanel and WHM environment. It focuses on setting up nameservers on your cPanel & WHM server, including the default way to configure nameservers. This guide is divided in to three sections. Please go through the sections and use them according to your needs.


1.   Choosing nameserver software

In order to select nameserver software, please follow the steps below:


1.      Login to WHM as IP ADDRESS:2086 by using the VPS root username and password included in your welcome email.

2.      Go to Main >> Service Configuration >> Nameserver Selection.

3.      Here you can select your desired the nameserver software by ticking either of the options available and clicking the Save button. (The advantages and disadvantages of the two different nameserver software programs will be displayed for your convenience, as per the screenshot below).




2.   Name your nameserver

In order to add your nameservers in WHM, please follow the steps below:


1.      Log into WHM as IP ADDRESS:2086 using the VPS root username and password included in your welcome email.

2.      Go to  Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup. There you will find a Nameservers section at the bottom of Basic cPanel & WHM Setup. You can see this from the below screen shot.


3.      Enter the nameservers you wish to use for your domains hosted on the server.

4.      Click the Save Changes button.


3.   Adding IP addresses for your nameserver

Your two nameservers will each require an IP address. While technical standards strongly advise against it, our software can run everything (including both nameservers) from a single IP address.


1.      In order to provide the IP address for your nameservers, please click on Add an A entry for this nameserver button by following the steps we have outlined in the previous Name your name server section. A pop-up window will open; here you can add the IP address.

2.      After typing in the IP address, click the Save button.






At this point, your nameserver software should be functional. Now, we need to get the rest of the Internet to use that nameserver. If these nameservers are already registered with the specified IP address by your domain name registrar, then no further action is required. Otherwise, you can use any public nameservers like myhosting.com nameservers. If you encountered any issues with this guide, please also note that there is additional information available in our Wiki database at http://myhosting.com/kb. Finally, we encourage you to contact our technical support team by email at vps@myhosting.com, or calling us at 1-866-289-5091 with any questions or concerns.


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