[onCloud] Reporting Spam and Ham (Spam Expert)



Note * Users with the following tab under their email subscription are using SpamExpert as their fail filtering system





If you receive an email which you think is a spam, or an email is marked as spam which you believe is not spam (ham), it is possible to report them to the SpamExperts inbound filtering system. Such reports help train the system, so it is better to use this reporting system instead of trying to adjust the threshold manually.

From the Spam Panel

1. Login in at https://manage.myhosting.com and choose the Subscription you want to manage from the drop-down list in the top right corner. If you only have one subscription, it will be selected automatically.

2. Click on the "Anti-Spam" tab, and in the frame you will be automatically logged in to SpamExperts. Or if you are an End User, click on the "Open" link to log into the spam panel.

3. Click on "Report spam" or "Report not spam".

4. Before you can report and email, you must first save it from your email client into .EML format. Please note that not all email clients support .EML format, but some like Windows Mail and Thunderbird do.


Email Client Plugins

As an alternative, a more convenient way to report spam is using one of the available Add-ons or Plugins. The following plugins are currently available


Outlook 2007 or greater (32-bit)


Outlook 2010 or greater (64-bit)


Mozilla Thunderbird


Mac Mail App (BETA)


These add-ons will allow you to report emails as Spam, but do not support reporting as Not-Spam.


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