[onCloud] Adjusting the email quarantine threshold (Spam Expert)

Adjusting the email quarantine threshold (Spam Expert)


Note * Users with the following tab under their email subscription are using SpamExpert as their fail filtering system





Although we advise against it, it is possible to adjust the SpamExperts Inbound Filtering sensitivity if you find that you are receiving too many false negatives or false positives.

1. Login in at https://manage.myhosting.com and choose the Subscription you want to manage from the drop-down list in the top right corner. If you only have one subscription, it will be selected automatically.

2. Click on the "Anti-Spam" tab, and in the frame you will be automatically logged in to SpamExperts.

3. Click on "Filter Settings".

4. Here you can adjust the Quarantine threshold on a sliding scale from 0.00 to 1.00.

a.  To increase the sensitivity, reduce the threshold by making the number smaller.

b. To decrease the sensitivity, increase the threshold by making the number larger.

5. You can also adjust the "Tag threshold" from here as well. To make use of this, you must also fill in something for the "Unsure Notation" Any email which cannot be strongly classified as Spam or Not-Spam will have the subject line prepended with the text in your "Unsure Notation" field.



Configuring for Tag and Deliver

It is also possible to entirely disable your email quarantine and use a "Tag and Deliver" method for handling all spam. You can use this message if you don't want to receive any quarantine summary emails or if you don't want to log into the spam panel to view your quarantine. By doing this, spam will be delivered to your mailbox and the subject line will be prepended.

1. From the "Filter Settings" section of the SpamExperts spam panel, deselect the "Quarantine enabled" check box.

2. The "Spam Notation" field will appear. Enter some text in this field (for example [Bulk], *SPAM* or something similar) then "Save".

After making these changes, you may want to create a rule in your Email Client to move your spam emails into a different folder of your mailbox.


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