[Classic] Updating Domain Registration Information

Why is keeping my contact e-mail up to date important?

It is important to keep your domains' admin e-mail address current as it is at your domains' admin email address that your registrar will contact you with regarding your domain. It is important that your registrar be able to reach you regarding your domain; not keeping your e-mail address current with your registrar may cause delays in changes you might wish to make to your domain name record.

How to check your current information on the domain

You can check your WHOIS information you can use external tools such as http://who.is once you have entered your domain and the look up has completed. under the 'Raw Registrar Data' look for the field.

Look for the following fields 
Registrant Email:

If you see your current address then your email is up to date, IF you see Yourdomain.com@contactprivacy.com WHOIS privacy would need to be disabled on your domain, to request the disabling of WHOIS privacy please send a request to domains@myhosting.com

Your email address on the domain is no longer valid, what now?

If the email address on the domain is no longer valid please send the following to domains@myhosting.com

  1. A brief statement similar to: "Please make the following modifications to <Domain_name.com>:______:"
  2. Your name Printed and signature, as well as any legally binding title
  3. Government issued photo identification (drivers license, passport, etc.)
  4. This request should be on a company letter head if this is a company domain.

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