[onCloud] Transfer my domain name to myhosting.comOpenSRS

Transfer an existing domain name to myhosting.com/OpenSRS

Please contact sales@myhosting.com to request the registrar transfer. The cost of a registrar transfer is equivalent to a one-year registration fee for the domain extension you wish to transfer.

NOTE: We can only accept transfers for domains that have not yet expired, or will not expire within the next 14 days. Additionally, there must be a valid domain admin email account available.

You can also select to transfer your domain name to us during the signup process.

Your domain name needs to be unlocked and you need your Authorization code to complete the transfer.

Existing customers can use the control panel to transfer domains registered elsewhere to their Myhosting account.

Transfer my UK Domain to myhosting.com

If you have previously registered your .uk domain name elsewhere, we can still host it for you. If you would like to keep your domain registration with the previous company, all that you need to do is change the name servers on your domain to the following:

 First Name Server: ns.myhosting.com

Second Name Server: ns1.myhosting.com

 Third Name Server: ns2.myhosting.com

You will need to contact the company whom you purchased the domain with and ask them to submit the changes for you.

If you prefer to transfer the registration to us instead, you will need to contact the company who you registered the domain name with and ask them to change the IPS TAG to the following:


Once they have completed this for you, please contact us at support@myhosting.com. There is an additional manual step which we must complete for you before the domain is fully transferred.


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