[onCloud] Dedicated IP

You can use an exclusive IP address with your Linux account by completing the following:

1. First you'll need to add the resource through the Account tab

- Login to your control panel at https://manage.myhosting.com 

- Click on the Account tab

- Click on Buy Additional Resources 

- Select the subscription you wish to add the exclusive IP to

- Find IP addresses in the list of Hosting Add-Ons

- Change the Status from Off to On 

- Click on Next >> 

- Click Place Order 

2. Once you have added the resource you can assign the IP address to your domain by completing the following:

- If you are still logged into your control panel click on the Websites tab. If you are not logged in, please do so

- Then select your domain name

- Click on Web Hosting Settings 

- Click on the Edit button below your Basic Settings 

- Select Exclusive IP from the drop down list and click on Submit 

- If your domain is on IIS the exclusive IP option will be available under the Web tab not Web Hosting Settings 

- Your Exclusive IP will now be assigned.



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