[onCloud] Upgrading Your Basic Exchange Email Account

All email accounts provided are now powered by Microsoft Exchange. Each account includes 1 GB Storage per mailbox and provides POP3/IMAP4 and Outlook Web Access.

If you wish to upgrade to a Mobile Email Email or Mobile Email plus Outlook account, you can do so at anytime within your customer control panel. Click here for a video tutorial 

First you need to add the Resource to your hosting plan 

1. Login at https://manage.myhosting.com 

2. Click on Billing 

3. Click on Buy Additional Resource 

4. Select the plan you wish to add the resource to

5. Click on either Mobile Email or Mobile Email + Outlook 

6. Click on Buy Resource 

7. Enter number of Units you wish to by and click on Next 

8. Click on Place Order 

Once the resource has been added to your plan, you can Upgrade any of your existing email accounts to the type of the resource you purchased 

1. Once logged into the Customer Control Panel click on Hosting 

2. Click on Exchange 

3. Click on Mailboxes 

4. Click on The Mailbox you wish to upgrade

5. Click on Edit 

6. Click on the drop down list for Mailbox template and select the exchange account you wish to Upgrade to.

7. Click on Submit 


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