[Classic] End User Notification

As the account administrator, it is up to you to notify your users that their service has been activated. This process has been simplified for you with the End User Notification option.

To access the End User Notification page from the support.myhosting.com Control Panel, click on Exchange and then End User Notification.

To send an email to a specific end user, simply fill in the field beside the username or email account with that person's email address. If you have more than one end user, you can enter an email address in each text field and send multiple notices all at once. You can then enter your own custom greeting and custom closing in the header and footer text-areas. You can even change or translate or add additional instructions to the notice in the middle text-area, if required.

When you have finished composing or customizing your notifications, you can click the Submit button to send the email. Each time you add a new user to your account, you can return to the End User notification page to send further notifications.

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