[Server 2008] Updating Plesk 10

How to Update your Plesk Panel 10


First be sure to create a Backup!

The first thing you would want to do is create a backup of your entire Plesk system. This can be done within the Plesk Panel itself. First, connect via remote desktop to the server using your admin privileges. Open Internet Explorer on the server and enter you Plesk admin panel, usually with the following URL format: https://youripaddress:8443. An example of the URL format would be 



Once you have logged in, please click on the Tools & Utilities option under the Server Management heading on the far left menu tree. You will then look for the Backup Manager option.


Once you have clicked on Backup Manager, please click on the Back Up button at the top of the window.

This button will take you to the Back Up Server webpage that you will need to use to make the backup of your Plesk installation. We suggest you use the following recommended settings. In the Add prefix to backup name field, you will be able to add a prefix for the backup. Then, please select the Server repository option beside the Store backup in heading. Finally, select Server configuration and content beside the Back up heading. These settings should allow you to backup all the required information.


Click the Back Up button at the bottom to start the process. You will then need to wait for the backup to complete; you can check the status of the backup by using the Current Backup Tasks tab at the top of your webpage. Once the backup is completed, you can continue with the Plesk Panel version upgrade steps.


Upgrade Process

To complete the upgrade of your Plesk Panel version, please click on the Tools & Utilities button on the far left menu tree. There you will be able to click on the Updates button.


You will then be taken to the page where you will be required to enter your RDP admin credentials, including your domain, in order to login to the updater. As an example, your credentials will look like the following:

User: vps10084\vps10084admin

Password: passwordtoaccount

Once you have logged into Parallels Product Installer, click on the Install and Upgrade Product button at the top of the webpage. There you will have a dropdown box from which to choose Plesk Panel version 10.4.4. Please put the check in the box to approve the upgrade. Now you simply need to wait for the upgrade to be completed, and you can then continue with steps to installing the security patch.


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