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Managing DNS on your cPanel/WHM VPS


Presently, any VPS created with cPanel/WHM is essentially a standalone service. While your subscription comes with unlimited DNS to add any domain names or subdomains you like, there is no synchronization between cPanel/WHM DNS and your myhosting.com onCloud DNS service.


Option 1: managing DNS in myhosting.com onCloud

(easiest to setup, but a bit tedious in the long run)

If you want to use myhosting.com nameservers (not your VPS) for domain name resolution, then you will want to choose this option.

If your domain name is registered elsewhere, you'll need to have your registrar point your nameservers to ns.myhosting.com, ns1.myhosting.com & ns2.myhosting.com respectively.Once done, or if your domain name was registered through myhosting.com, all you need to is duplicate your WHM/cPanel DNS within myhosting.com onCloud control panel. This must be done each time you add a new domain name or subdomain into WHM/cPanel.

  1. Log into myhosting.com onCloud control panel (http://manage.myhosting.com) and click Home at the top.
  2. Click on Hosted Domains, at the bottom under Domains section.
  3. Find or add the domain name you've setup in cPanel/WHM.
  4. Click the domain name itself, then click the DNS tab.
  5. Click DNS Records.
  6. From here you can add and remove any DNS record to that domain. When finished this page should match the DNS settings in WHM/cPanel for the domain name in question.

Again, due to the tediousness of this option, I recommend a setup using Option 2. It will take longer and may seem daunting, but it's better in the long run.


Option 2: managing DNS on your VPS only

(more complicated to setup, but easier in the long run)

If you want to manage your DNS from WHM/cPanel only, then this is the method to follow. This will make use of the DNS services running inside of your VPS.


  1. Create two separate subdomains that point to your VPS. (something like NS1.yourDNShostname.com and NS2.yourDNShostname.com)This can be done in myhosting.com onCloud control panel with any domain name you have added to our system. If you haven't added any domains to our system follow these steps:
  1. Go to: http://myhosting.com/domain-names/ 
  2. If you're adding an existing domain name that you will want to point at myhosting.com nameservers, click Transfer Domain Name. If you want to register a brand new domain name to be your new nameserver domain, then enter it in the regular search field. Click
  3. Click Check Availability and follow the on screen instructions. Since you're an existing customer, be sure to select the existing customer option on the Customer Information step of signup and login using your existing username and password.
  4. If you've registered a new domain, it can take 24 to 48 hours to begin to resolve but when its done, it will automatically be pointing to myhosting.com nameservers. If you're adding an existing domain name, you will need to now contact your registrar and have them point your nameservers for that domain name to: ns.myhosting.com, ns1.myhosting.com & ns2.myhosting.com. This will also take roughly 24 to 48 hours to resolve worldwide.
  1. With your domain name added to myhosting.com onCloud, you just need to set up your nameservers by creating subdomains.
  1. Log into your myhosting.com onCloud control panel (http://manage.myhosting.com) and click Home at the top.
  2. Click Hosted Domains, under the Domains Section, at the bottom.
  3. You should see the domain you recently added. Click on it, then click the DNS tab and lastly, DNS Records.
  4. Click Add New DNS Record.
  5. Choose the A record type and click Next.
  6. Enter the subdomain you want to set as your first nameserver address and your VPS IP address and click Finish. Unless you have other services on this domain name, just enter NS1 in the domain space and your VPS IP address in the IP address space.
  7. Add one more A record using the same steps above but using NS2 instead. (NS1 and NS2 are recommended best practices, they're arbitrary otherwise).

That should be it! From this point on, any domain name you register for use on your VPS, you should point your nameservers to these new addresses you created at your registrar. Once that resolves, any changes you make within cPanel/WHM will automatically propagate around the world without any other action from you.

Note: for consistency in WHM on your VPS you may want to also update the Nameserver settings to these new addresses you created. This can be done at in WHM under Basic cPanel & WHM Setup (bottom of the page). This will help with any domains you create using WHM/cPanel directly.


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