[Default Themed] How to configure EasyApache on WHM-cPanel



EasyApache is a powerful and simple-to-use script that you can use to update and configure your Apache web server.


To configure EasyApache on WHM/cPanel


1. Login to WHM

2. Either search for "EasyApache" or go to Software > EasyApache

3. Scroll down and select a build option (Previously Saved Config)

4. Click Start "Start customizing based on profile"

5. Select the version of Apache and click "Next Step".

6. Select the version of PHP and click "Next Step".

7. Chose additional options within the "Short Options List"

8. Select "Exhaustive Options List" if there are other options you need

9. Click "Save and Build" (You can also save this configuration Recompile Apache and PHP now? > Ok

10. Please Acknowledge > I understand




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