[OnCloud] - DSN

How do I signup for a DSN?

You can signup for a DSN through your Customer Control Panel/

  1. Login at https://manage.myhosting.com 

If you have more than one subscription, choose your Windows subscription from the drop down menu from the top right of the page

  1. Click on the Websites tab
  2. Click onto the domain you wish to access
  3. Click on More Tools... and then DSN Management 
  4. Click on Add New DSN


How can I use my DSN?

You have to put the following two lines of code in your script to create a database connection using DSN.

Set myconn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

myconn.open "dsn_name","",""


  1. DSN should be registered.
  2. dsn_name = Use your own DSN name.
  3. Database must be under the /fpdb or /cgi-bin directories(for Windows 2003 servers).


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