[OnCloud] Linux Log files

Log File Support

Yes, you can keep a log file for your Linux hosting account. Your log files will be saved under a special directory on your yourdomain.com space and will be in the default Apache standard separated into 2 sections; access and error.


Enable or Disable Web Statistics

You can enable or disable your web statistics through your customer control panel by:

  1. Login at https://manage.myhosting.com 
  2. Click on Home 
  3. Click on AWStats Web Statistics, under More Services
  4. Click on Install or Uninstall AWStats Service 


To enable or disable your webstatitics for specific domains:

  1. Click on Home 
  2. Click on Hosted Domains 
  3. Click on your domain
  4. Click on Install AWStats on this Domain, under Web Statistic


Web Log Analysis

You can use our local installation of AWStats for your log file analysis.


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