[onCloud] Email Forwarding Setup Steps

Email Forwarding Setup Steps


To set up the Email Forwarding for your Website & Email Forwarding account, you can follow these steps:

  1. Once you've logged into your control panel, select the "Website and Email Forwarding" subscription.
  2. In the left menu, click on "Exchange" and then choose "Mailboxes".
  3. Click "Add New Mailbox", then choose "New Service User" and click "Next >>".
  4. Enter your desired Display Name, Login Name and Password, then click "Next >>".
  5. Confirm the details and then click "Finish".
  6. If you wish, you can use the mailbox you created as a standard POP3 mailbox. If you wish to forward all of your email instead, click on your Display Name, then select the "Forwarding" tab.
  7. Click "Enable" and then enter the email address you want all your messages forwarded to. If you do not plan to monitor this mailbox, make sure you do NOT select "Leave copy of messages", as your mailbox may fill up quickly and may disrupt further forwarding.
  8. If you wish to forward other email address aside from the one you just crated, click on "Contacts". You can add multiple contacts here and define the "External e-mail address" as the address the messages should be delivered to, and "E-mail address" as the email address under your domain name.


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