Managing Office 365 End User Profiles

Office 365 end user profiles are created and managed in the customer-level admin portal. The instructions below demonstrate some of the basic user management functions that can be performed in the admin portal.

To perform the user profile management functions below, you will need to log in to your customer-level Office admin portal at

Then you need to navigate to the Active Users view within the portal:

1)    Click on the Admin tile.

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2)    In the left-hand-side menu, click USERS and then Active Users.

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The list of active user profiles is now displayed. Click on any of the following links for instructions for these user profile management functions:

Changing assigned licenses


Searching for User Profiles

Follow these steps in the admin portal to find the user profile that needs to be managed.

1)    In the ACTIVE USERS view, click the magnifying glass to bring up the search box.

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2)    In the search field, enter the user’s first or last name. Alternatively, you can search by the first part of the user name (before the @ sign).

3)    The list will be filtered to show results containing the name that you entered.

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Editing a User Profile

After finding the user(s) you need to edit, select the checkbox next to their Display name. If you select a single user, the account details panel appears on the right-hand side. Click EDIT next to any of the options to change primary email address, assigned license(s) or mailbox permissions.

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Changing Assigned Licenses

Click Edit next to the license name under Assigned licenses in the right-hand-side account panel. A dialogue box will appear with license options where you can change which ones are assigned to this user.

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Deleting a user profile

User profiles can be deleted individually or in bulk. In the Active Users view, simply select the checkboxes you need to delete, and click DELETE on the right-hand side.

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You will see a warning dialogue box; click Yes to confirm deletion.

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These user profiles now appear in the Deleted Users list, and the licenses that were assigned to them now become part of the pool of available licenses.

Note that these users can be restored within 30 days. After 30 days, all of their data will become non-recoverable.

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To restore a deleted user profile, select the checkbox next to their name, and the option to restore the user will appear on the right-hand side.

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This completes the instructions for managing end user profiles in the MS customer-level admin portal. You should now be able to search for user profiles, edit user profiles, change assigned licenses, and delete and restore profiles.




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