Retrieving Your Office 365 Admin Portal Credentials

When you have purchased Office 365 subscriptions through the Marketplace, you will need to log in to the customer-level admin portal at using the admin credentials to manage end-user licenses and profiles. This article contains instructions on viewing these credentials from your Customer Control Panel.

Note: These steps apply only to retrieving the original password, set by Microsoft when the account is initially created. If the password has ever been changed, you can reset it by using the Can’t access your account? link on the portal login page, or by contacting support.

Follow the steps below to find your login details.

1)    Click the Control Panel link at the top, right-hand side of the Marketplace page to log in to the Customer Control Panel.

C:\Users\AtanasG\Desktop\KB Exports\Public\Office 365\1.png

2)    Select the Office 365 subscription from the drop-down menu at the top, right-hand side of the page.

C:\Users\AtanasG\Desktop\KB Exports\Public\Office 365\2.png

3)    Navigate to the Office 365 tab. Here you will see a plan name and product sku for each of your subscriptions.

C:\Users\AtanasG\Desktop\KB Exports\Public\Office 365\3.png

4)    Click on the plan name to view the Subscription Information. The login user and password is highlighted in the screenshot below. Click the Show link to view the password.

C:\Users\AtanasG\Desktop\KB Exports\Public\Office 365\4.png

Using these login credentials, you will now be able to access the customer-level admin portal at, where you will perform some administrative tasks such as creating end user profiles and assigning Office 365 licenses.




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