[onCloud] Renew my Domain Name

Renew Domain

If you registered a new domain name through myhosting.com then you’ll be able to renew your domain with us. If your registration is not with us you may be able to do a registrar transfer so that we can renew your domain name for you.

We can renew the most common domains names and many country-level domain names as well. To see if your domain name is supported, you can check our Domain Names page. If you want to begin a registrar transfer for your domain name, please contact our Customer Support department.


Control Panel Steps to renew a Domain Name

myhosting.com is only able to renew domain names that were originally registered through myhosting.com by OpenSRS.

1. Login at https://manage.myhosting.com 

2. Click on All Domains in the drop down menu

3. Click on Registered Domains 

4. Click on the domain you wish to renew

5. Click the Renew Domain button


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