[onCloud] Transfer a domain name to another hosting company

Once you register a domain name name, it is yours and you are free to host it wherever you choose. In order to change to another registrar, the new registrar needs to initiate the transfer and you must ensure that your domain is unlocked for this to take place. Please refer to these steps below:

With this information, you will be able to authorize the transfer of your domain. 

If you would like to transfer your domain name to us (our OpenSRS Registrar) or any other registrar, please ensure that you meet the following requirements before initiating a transfer :

1. Check that the domain is not expiring within 30 days

2. Unlock your domain at the registrar.

3. Disable WHOIS privacy on your domain. 

4. Verify the owner and administrative contact information, and modify if necessary before the transfer process initiated. Make sure that you have access to the email address on file for the domain (all transfer information will be sent to this address).

5. Request the domain transfer authorization code (Auth/EPP Code). The code will be sent to the domain email address on file.

6. Wait 60 days until you can transfer out a domain once registered. 

If you need assistance with moving your domain please contact contact our Customer Support department.


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