[Resolved] Exchange email hosting - Multiple mailboxes unavailable


Nov 30, 6:25 am ET - Our engineers are investigating the root cause of the event.

Nov 30, 9:35 am ET - Root cause identified. Our engineers are applying an emergency fix to the affected email service.

Nov 30, 12:02 pm ET - Our administrators continue to work diligently on restoring the affected databases

Nov 30, 1:05 pm ET - A number of database servers have been restored and our administrators continue to work on the remaining affected nodes.

Nov 30, 1:29 pm ET - remaining database servers remounted and service restored.




We are currently experiencing a service impacting event affecting all onCloud Exchange email customers. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are currently investigating.

We will post further updates to this service incident post.

Root cause was Identified as a mail log storage issue, this queue was drained and exchange databases remounted.

No mail loss is expected and mail queues should return to normal within 30 min.




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